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A lot of people seem to be interested in doing videos for their remediation projects. As a Screen Arts major, I have had access to a lot of the University’s film resources. For people looking to do a video, I would recommend checking out the ISS Media Center in the MLB, where you can check out digital cameras and tripods. Another great resource is North Quad, where you can check out lighting equipment. They also have studios for shooting in, though I’m not sure how one would book them. I am also attempting to find some things from my introductory production course, which could help students learn a few of the basic tenets of framing, white-balance, and other techniques needed to make a solid short film. For anything beyond the basics, I would contact Joel Rakowski, who is in charge of the department’s film equipment and has worked with several television studios.

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  1. Hey Adam, I used to work at ISS which also shares some resources with Screen Arts courses. For video resources and workshops I would hit up ISS Media Center in the MLB like you said. They have a Mac Lab, Collaboration Rooms, and Editing Suites with editing software. They also have several types of video cameras, audio recorders, microphones, video projectors, laptops, video projectors, and lighting that can be used by anyone for an LSA class. They also do iMovie and Final Cut Pro X editing classes. There is also an ISS checkout center in Mason that offers some of the same equipment but they don’t carry the more advanced video cameras and microphones.

    The Screen Arts equipment in North Quad is available only to Screen Arts classes. I’m sure Joel will help out anyone with advice but the equipment is not open to students in non-SAC classes. Studio A usage requires approval, there’s an email here

    Another great resource is the Digital Media Commons at the Duderstadt Center. They have a lot audio recording options, a Maker Space, 3-D Lab, a video studio, and editing workshops.

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