Creating my Remediation Project

Class today was very helpful. Discussing my remediation project with someone else helped give me more insight into what format is the most logical, and plausible, for my project. I decided to turn my repurposed paper, a memoir, into a podcast. A podcast can easily be very personal, almost like a conversation or confessional-style piece because I will be the narrator, talking about my own life. Additionally, I will incorporate audio clips from my performances in order to give context to my stories, and also to make it more engaging for listeners.

In order to achieve this, I will use Garage Band. Garage Band easy to use for audio editing, and I am very familiar with it. Additionally, I will import audio files from my performances, either by re-recording the audio of video with my iPhone, and/or by making the audio from YouTube videos into mp3s and importing those (using this website). After I make the track by importing outside audio and recording my own audio, I will export the track from Garage Band to Soundcloud, and that will be my final format. If anyone else is doing a radio show/podcast for their project and has questions regarding Garage Band or importing/exporting audio, feel free to comment on my post and I can try to help!



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