E-Portfolio Anticipation

It will be nice to compile all of the hard work we put into writing this semester into one entity- the EPortfolio. However, I truly think the part of this project I am most looking forward to is formatting. Finding the exact right color scheme and layout that pairs perfectly with themes of my writing and self will be an enjoyable project of self-discovery and hopefully will tie in the past, present, and future of my writing.

At one time, I had a tumblr blog that I used fairly regularly to post pictures, poems, quotes, and music that I liked. The page meant a lot to me because everything posted was uniquely related to me. It was personal, each item illustrating a different shade of who I was. I think of that blog similarly as I think of the Portfolio. I foresee arranging and rearranging the posts and format until it is something that is very much a reflection of me, which is exciting.



I suppose with such high expectations for the project, I am slightly worried that I will be stuck in a creative block and not be able to think of the perfect way to tie in everything. In the next few projects, I will keep in mind that there should be a theme throughout my writing and incorporate that into the direction of the pieces to make sure that I will have something to work with when beginning the EPortfolio. Can’t wait to start this project and get the creative juices flowing.

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