Help: Evolution Essay Rewrites

Has anyone worked on their Evolution Essays? I basically have a mini-heart attack every time I think about this class and everything I have to get done for it. I’m wondering if other people are in the same boat/if I’m behind in this aspect. I’m not even sure how I should go back into my essay and work on it to make it better!

Would people be willing to review my essay in the google doc? (easy assignment pool points!)

Also I’d love it if more people put theirs in the google doc for review, that way I can see what other people’s look like/get ideas from them on how I can better my own. (also I can get points for the assignment pool!)

One thought to “Help: Evolution Essay Rewrites”

  1. Hey Hannah, I just added my essay as Google Doc in the folder, if you want to take a look! I’d be happy to look over yours as well. Mine is feeling kind of stiff/formal/a little too general at the moment, so I’m looking for ways to make it more compelling/specific.

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