Holy wow I am behind on this assignment pool

Sweet, innocent Mary of two days ago thought she was doing alright on this whole capstone situation.  Project website pretty much all designed, writing up content, feeling good.  Yeah, there are some “assignment pool” points to rack up, but what does that even mean, really, since I’m making good progress on the project? (I’m dropping third person, third person is lame)

“I’m a busy woman with four other classes and jobs to apply to!  I’ll breeze through that assignment pool later!” -actual record of my thoughts

Anyway, that assignment pool is looking a lot bigger this side of spring break.  I made a big list of all the assignments that it seems I could feasibly do in the next two months, and the grand optimistic total (including attendance) is 765 points.  That puts me squarely in the “Doom” grading category, as noted in the syllabus.

I’m not whining about fairness — it’s my fault for not adjusting to the grading system earlier.  I’m just wondering, how are you all doing it?  Tell me your secrets, capstone writers!  Are you doing five assignments a day?  Are you doing them in your sleep?  Did you (gasp) actually start way back in January?  Please comment on this so I can also comment and get more points and also so we can have a valuable and information conversation, obviously.

In conclusion, this is my face right now:


Mary Gallagher

I'd like to be good at poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction, but really I'm here to develop the skills to write about politics and world issues

4 thoughts to “Holy wow I am behind on this assignment pool”

  1. Just going to start by saying thank you for that picture of the Gentlemen. If I hadn’t already been planning on barely sleeping tonight, that image surely would have kept me up. (What a great episode that was though, am I right?)

    Oh, right, we were talking about writing.

    To answer your question, I umm… well, my plan is to cram. That’s pretty much been my methodology throughout college. Plan well in advance, delay, cram. I’m currently writing a paper for another class that I planned to start over break but just…didn’t. And it’s due Friday so go me. I’m not sure why, but given time to do something, I’ve never been good at not cramming. I’m not sure if saying it works “better” is the right word, but it at least doesn’t seem to not work.

    Don’t feel bad though, I think many people in the class are in the same boat. The fail boat.

  2. Don’t worry Mary! I had a similar realization over break, so I understand how overwhelmed you feel right now. The way that I have begun to make this more manageable is making myself do two of the assignments in the pool everyday. While this may seem like a big commitment, it can vary day to day depending on how much time I have. For example, doing a blog post and comment is not nearly as time consuming as working on the annotated bibliography- but progress is progress right? I really think taking the assignments day by day will help to make this feel much less overwhelming. Please know that we are all in the same boat and all WILL get it done!

  3. Doing 2 assignments is a great idea Emily! And yes Mary I definitely have been feeling the same way and almost burst into tears in Ray’s class last Monday. I think we can all help each other out though! My favorite way to get points for the assignment pool is doing peer reviews! They only have to be 200 and you get 30 points for it. Its really easy. I’ve done all of the ones in our google doc but if we all put our project proposals and evolution essays in there we would be able to get so many points!! Put yours in!

    Also, try to think of what you have been doing for your project that isn’t represented as a direct result in the project. Anything can be worth points if you ask Ray for them!

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