I Am Here To Evolve (remediation)

Whenever I work on my re-purposing project and simply think about my remediation project, my enthusiasm shoots through the roof! ☺️ I am ready to challenge myself with my final re-purposing project and remediation project, and evolve into a more conscious and tech-savvy individual. I am most excited about all of the power and freedom that I have with, what I think of as, my work and my creation. I am the sole decider of my journey and ideas, and I am passionate and ready to create something great! (Despite how uneasy choosing the right path for my projects can be).




For my remediation project, I decided to challenge myself as much as I can and create a “mash-up” video. My mash-up video will include three different types of visuals: a recording of someone dancing the choreography for my spoken word piece (re-purposing project); videos/images of various Ferguson and Black Lives Matter protests; videos/images of different cultural allusions that I refer to in my spoken word. Ultimately, my finished project should look something like the collaboration of the two videos (models) below:

(This is the original spoken word that is the inspiration for my own spoken word piece.)

(I actually saw this performance, along with two other works from Trisha Brown, and it was such a compelling and engaging performance.)

I will not create two separate videos or one video that shows one of the three types of visuals entirely and then moves on to the next two types. That’s boring. Instead, I will choose which visual is most effective at expressing my words, ideas, or point, at different stanzas and even different phrases and words in my spoken word. I will also be using my spoken word as background music to narrate the video; however, following my commitment of challenging myself and creating the best representation for my ideas that I can imagine, I will re-record my spoken word over the sounds of a live and raw African drum performance, as oppose to the instrumental used in my re-purposing.

To sum up all of the words prior to this point, I am ready to inspire and challenge myself to collaborate with technology as my creative outlet and representation of the points stressed in my spoken word and the message I am delivering. I am here, and ready, to evolve.

2 thoughts to “I Am Here To Evolve (remediation)”

  1. Chris,

    This is such a great idea! I really enjoy how you are combining the “best” of all of the ideas discussed and brainstormed about your project in class. It seems like it will showcase you more than any of your other projects by featuring your voice, your dance, and something about which you’re passionate. I would encourage you to take this opportunity to make the project your own like you mentioned in the beginning of this post! More than just seeing how the project turns out, I can’t wait to see how it reflects you as an individual. I think your personality is really going to shine out of this.


  2. Chriss,

    I am very excited to see your final product! This seems very involved and it’s great that you have taken on such a task!

    How are you doing with the editing software? Have you taken one of the classes through ISS? I think that would really be helpful and make this whole thing less overwhelming.

    Let me know if you need any help.


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