Interview with Phoebe Gloeckner

I attended an interview yesterday at the Espresso Bar, above Literati bookstore, with Raymond McDaniel and Phoebe Gloeckner. Quite frankly, I was blown away. The amount of artistic experience that Gloeckner spoke about in her work was a mind-boggling array of skill sets and interrelationships. I mean, who else do you know that can weave cartoons, models, photographs, videos, and prose together in one piece entirely on their own? I’m not sure if I would have the wherewithal to cultivate such a wealth of skills simultaneously. Honestly, I can’t even say that I would want to!

Phoebe spoke at some length about her approach to creating her work and the various forms in which it is produced. One thing that resonated with me and my own experience with writing is that she repeatedly talked about how she figures things out as she goes. She never sits down and creates a full plan, she just acts on impulses and fleeting emotions in order to determine what shapes her projects will take. It’s kind of crazy to think that the intensely complex works that she produces are not thought out and planned before they are executed.

I was inspired by this interview. It confirmed many of my strongly held beliefs about art and the process by which it is created. I think that all of the arts are the truest expressions of the human condition. Without planning or concentrated forethought, any art achieves a level of honesty that is as close to we will ever get to understanding ourselves as people. I think that Gloeckner, while she may not describe this in the same way that I just did, was getting at this phenomenon.

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