Okay, Remediation…

…is super difficult. I am having some trouble thinking of what to do for this next installment of our Gateway project.

My original piece was a short essay for English 325 about my childhood exploits with my cousin on the acres of land that his parents owned in South Florida, with an overriding theme of “get out and play!” My repurposed piece shifted the audience from my instructor and peers of that class to a wider and more general audience of college-aged students in the United States, with the aim being to explore and illuminate the phenomenon of technology addiction. It’s a real psychological problem for many people and it is already being treated as a clinical disorder in some countries.

So, my ideas are as follows:

  • Blog post with media attachments, links, etc.
  • Short story of a fictional nature about a young boy who is literally absorbed by his devices, kind of horror-influenced in the vein of Poe’s short stories
  • Educational video about technology addiction along the lines of a TED talk
    • Or a podcast of a similar nature?
  • Song about the woes of our digital world
    • I’m not too keen on this one, since I’ve written a fair amount of songs for a fun, and I have plenty of experience with music as a music major! I’d like to try something new that will challenge me.

Any comments or suggestions would be lovely!


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