As I consider the remediating assignment, I realize it has the potential to either fail completely or make my original argument stronger and even (hopefully) make more of an impact on the audience. As we have discussed in class, this is a common phenomenon for book to film or film to book adaptations. Most commonly, movies based on existing novels tend to let down fans of the novel because “they left out the best part” or “they cut out my favorite character.” This makes sense because when a medium is changed, the message or overall impact of the original work has a strong change of being lost in the conversion if not done properly, and by done properly I mean done what is most appropriate for the medium it is being adapted into. Details of one object ┬áin a novel can go on for ten pages, but that would be about five seconds in a standard film. So the art of picking and choosing comes into play, but you better pick the right things.


I would love to remediate my paper into a documentary. Because the stance I tend to take as a writer is generally emotional and personal, especially in my re-purposing paper, I think that would be an interesting task to attempt to get an audience to feel those emotions through real showing, not telling. My original topic is on the distinction between success and fame and the way outside forces determine the way people consider themselves and their career. Being a BFA theatre major I have a plethora of recourses to pull from on this topic (and a plethora of budding young actors eager for face time).

I imagine this going swimmingly of course and expect to win an academy award for this class assignment.

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