Problems with Re-Purposing

Ahhh, this was difficult. There are so many things to take into consideration when writing a screenplay:

  1. 3 Act-Structure
  2. Format
  3. Length
  4. Good Dialog
  5. Message

The list goes on. When I sat down to write my re-purposing project all of these things were on my mind which was very overwhelming. All I had was a concept not even a beginning, middle and end. Usually when you have an ending for a screenplay it’s much easier to know what to write. So I had to figure out what kind of journey I wanted my characters to go on. I know I wanted to keep the script less than 15 pages. So from there I had to figure out the 3-Act Structure. What was going to be my Act 1 break, my midpoint, my climax? Things like that.

As those things became clear, I focused on my dialog. Was it realistic? Was it good? Did I drop too many f-bombs? Then finally was my message coming across?

In the end I think I accomplished this but my re-purposing project has evolved and changed a lot since my re-purposing proposal.

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