Random Thoughts in Random Places

I find that my best work is written at the most random times. Whether it be in the middle of night, in the midst of a conversation I am having about a completely arbitrary subject (inspiration will hit, I won’t drop the conversation to start frantically writing), or when I simply sitting, thinking alone in my room. So is it not interesting that we are always forced to write at specific times? We have due dates, which are necessary for society (college, really) to continue on schedule, but what if those due dates do not fall in line with your personal mojo – yep, I just used the word mojo.

I guess that is what is so beneficial about our class – Writing 220.  If my mojo (there it is again) isn’t present one week, it may be there the next, and I can turn in my paper for a revision that week. Greatly appreciated. This specific instance came into play when I was writing, re-writing, and completely changing my topic twice. The re-purposing essay, the assignment I was most excited to write, was simply not working. My mojo was just not there. I sat by my computer for hours upon hours. Typing just to erase, reading what I wrote just to think some alien who had never taken a writing class (or english class for that matter) had actually written it. Nothing was working.

I have spent my week at home thinking deeply about my topic – well, my two vastly different topics. I have thought about it’s structure, purpose, and my opinion of it thoroughly. Although I still am not 100% sure, I am 99.9% – a lot closer than I was last week. My mojo is back and I can start writing again – and I did, last night at 12:37 AM.  Thank you again for the opportunity for revisions.

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