Re-mediating Sketch

Fortunately for me, my topic allows for easy re-mediation being as Jon Stewart and other mock news shows are the topic of my re-purposed essay. I plan on turning the paper into an informational film of sorts; not necessarily a documentary but I’m having trouble finding different words to describe my intentions.

My essay tackles the question of how some of us trust people whom we have never met, such as satirist Jon Stewart. In other words, what is he doing to make us trust him? My biggest challenge when re-purposing was describing Stewart’s physical characteristics and tonal nuances, so much so that I included hyperlinks to videos. A video form allows me to draw on evidence directly which is essential to proving the crux of my argument.

The largest problem I am facing, however, is how to transcribe my written argument into video. Narration would seem to be an easy answer, but I’m not too sure I’m comfortable enough with my own voice. Alternatively I could present the material in the form of an online opinion piece or newspaper column, including the video evidence of what I mentioned earlier.

Any suggestions/guidance is much appreciated!

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