Re-purposing in Progress

Re-purposing proposal in progress sounds like a tongue twister, or just some great alliteration–but seriously, everyone should try this tongue twister challenge, it’s disturbingly hard. Now back to the topic. My re-purposing revisions so far are going great–in my head. I haven’t actually planned them out on paper yet, mostly because I like to congregate all feedback before revising again, and possibly a hint of procrastination. But I have thought about it thoroughly, scouts honor.

fd0b6c5bc5d8df240318bf0eb00e4fb869I was truly pleased with the feedback I received from my peers–convinced I just have the best blog group (represent). I had included a lot of self-reflective questions and comments, and their feedback really helped to clarify different ideas I had going on in my mind. I’ve ultimately decided to narrow down the amount of tweets I use within the writing, and focus on a few key ones (maybe 5?) I also am seeking out different satirical college twitter accounts to widen my scope, but keep returning to the question on whether I should center my topic around Greek Life–which is what I currently have. Being a member of Greek Life, there are a ton of stereotypes surrounding drinking, date parties, mixers, etc. that are far from accurately describing the community members as a whole. For that reason, I feel like I could also take the second draft in a way that focuses on satirizing stereotypes perpetuated solely against college Greek Life. My brain is still working around that one.

That’s pretty much where I currently stand–attempting the finalize the scope, and narrowing down my examples. I received great feedback on my voice throughout, which was something I was nervous about and relieved to hear it was working. It’s the worst when I think that I’m funny, but no one else does. It’s just plain awkward. Please feel free to incorporate more ideas for my next draft, I’m all ears and love receiving feedback!



2 thoughts to “Re-purposing in Progress”

  1. Britni!

    Love the shout out haha and it sounds like you have a great plan for next steps. Have you thought anymore about the idea someone had in class about taking on some sort of character for the tweets in your re-mediation, or will you be aiming to convey your voice as a college student in general? Both seem pretty similar, but there might be some pretty key differences in content. Just something to keep thinking about!

    Excited to see where your project goes from here. 🙂


  2. BritKnee,
    Sorry that was lame hahaha.
    Just like Sarah, I’m so hyped about seeing your final repurposing! I laughed pretty hard at your draft, so I’m really excited to see your final.
    I’m glad that our feedback was helpful (represent), and I’m glad that you’re excited about this project! It’s a lot more fun when you’re into the project. I think that it’s a really good choice to simplify to only a couple of tweets to really focus in on.
    From here, your remediation will be killer. I’m so hyped. A relate-able, yet satirical twitter account will be the perfect place to take this piece.
    Can’t wait to see it!
    Kate out.

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