Maybe I’m paranoid from Tuesday’s discussion, but is the font on the blog different now?

Anyways, I am planning on creating a podcast about my topic.  Though part of me is doing this because I love podcasts and am fulfilling a desire of mine, I also believe it is the most effective means to illuminate my argument.  My repurposing is not even close to being finished, but at it’s core it is illuminating the hidden, psychological determinants of both injustice and privilege.

Though some are justifying the use of audio/visual elements of their remediation, I believe it is the best way to remediate.  Especially with topics that involve experiential, social elements, using those means of communication are crucial to emphasizing a point, or even revealing any level of the truths you claim.  For instance, the great difficulty of discussing privilege is that it is a blind spot, but when you force others to face another set of circumstances, you begin to reveal the truths of privilege; swim up the proverbial river, not down it.

I have yet to figure out exactly what I will do in order to illustrate the point I’m making, but it must be unbiased and story-oriented.  That way, it will indirectly convey the core of the message.

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