Remediation: Amplifying My Narrative

In re-purposing this profile of mine, I so intimately engaged with the narrative (which I was already quite fond of), that I would  be unable, I think, to cut any of it away. This makes remediation tricky. How can I tell this story in a different media while remaining as true to my dear original narrative as possible..? This question has haunted my thoughts since the end of class on Tuesday.

A documentary could work; however, to make it good, I would need to re-conduct (and this time, record) the interviews with those cited. This could be done, theoretically, because these are all people who are family or friends, but, logistically, this may prove more difficult than I would like to bring upon myself. That said, this piece is very personal and, so, I would like to do it the upmost justice.

Clearly, more deliberation is required on my part, but this where I’m at right now.

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