Remediation Brainstorm

When I repurposed my paper, the entire argument and scope changed. Initially, I focused on a negative view of technology, especially in regard to the e-book. It was a reactionary view that came from a time when I despised technology for what it had brought about: namely social media. As I have grown older, I have reconsidered how I feel about the various apps and sites. While I can still see the negative aspects, I decided to use my paper to explore some of the positive brought about Facebook, Twitter and the like.

In class, after a discussion of how an essay is also contains an overlooked visual component, we were asked to brainstorm how we could formulate our argument within different mediums. In my case, a paper about social media would be very interesting if distilled into the various social media forms. My essay was essentially about the differences of “show people what I’m doing” and “telling people what I’m doing.” The former lacks pretension, allowing the user to catch up with friends that they may not have as much contact with anymore. ┬áThe latter is braggadocio online, a reminder posted to show how much fun their life is.

I think putting my essay into these two forms would be a fun way to explore the contrast between the styles of social media. I could have a preachy Facebook update contrasted with a fun Snapchat story. As most of these mediums limit the use of words, some of the nuances of my essay would be erased, but I still think it would be an interesting way to explore my topic.

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