Remediation Plan and Resources

(I think we’ve maxed out the number of ways to reword that title.)

I have decided to create a comic strip for my remediation project. Luckily, I already have most of the “equipment” I will need for this, since it requires very little. For the preliminary drawings, I will use the Pigma Mocron 05 pen I stole from art class my senior year of high school. It’s actually preferred by comic book artists because it doesn’t smear. I will also use the SketchPad Pro app on my iPad. It is very useful for creating clean images for the web. I purchased this app a few years ago and used it frequently for a few weeks but then I sort of abandoned it, nevertheless, I am excited to have an excuse to use it again.

I am unfamiliar with North Campus, but by reading other’s posts on the blog, it seems like they may have more resources that I could use. I couldn’t find anything from the Duderstadt website, but I may go there and investigate for myself. In the end, drawing requires very little resources, and with the amount of technology I have in my iPad alone, I don’t think I will need much else. If anyone knows if the Dude has resources for a project like this let me know!


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