Remediation Process

I have never actually produced a podcast.  However, I have managed the production of one, so I’ve seen how organic, quick and easy it can be to edit and construct a podcast.  In the past, my peers have rented quality recording equipment – both big and small – and have boasted the efficiency of the instruments involved.  The ISS office in the MLB, for instance, offers a whole range of camera’s and microphones.

For my podcast, I will only have to use a microphone and the multi-media rooms in the Duderstadt in order to edit the audio clips.  Final Cut is an incredibly easy program to use for audio edits and for mashing various sounds.  I will be editing the audio interviews that I obtain, as well as the extraneous sounds meant to enhance the reception of the message in the podcast (certain water sounds to enhance a consistent metaphor in the piece and other assorted noises).  In my past experiences, microphone added to an iPhone is sufficient for quality recording.  Anyone else creating a podcast should feel free to ask any questions or give any recommendations.

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