Remediation Resources

Toward the end of class last week, we began discussing the remediation project as a whole. While the project itself will certainly be an interesting twist to some of our previous works, it also lends a rather daunting challenge: at least for me, part of the difficulty in this project comes in figuring out what to do with all this creative freedom, and I think that can be tough to do with so many different mediums available. As we traverse some of the problems that come with transferring a previous argument to a new medium, some of the resources offered by the university will perhaps be important to keep in mind.

From what I can tell in discussing with other students in the class, it appears that many of us are looking to do some visually constructed project (whether it be video, presentation, etc). For those of us pursuing this kind of a project, it might be worth looking into what the ISS Media Center (located on the second floor of the MLB) has to offer. They do all sorts of video, audio, and post-production work for LSA students, so pretty much anything you have in mind when it comes to video they will be able to help you with. In previous assignments for other classes, I’ve used them to loan video/audio recording equipment and it was an extremely valuable tool for my project. I have never had to use any of their studios or editing software, but from what I hear that is also a very valuable resource.

On a somewhat similar note, anyone looking to do a presentation/video style project can look into some of the production rooms located in the Shapiro Library. I have never used these before myself, but from the sounds of it you can reserve specialized rooms that are exclusively for editing video or recording presentations.

Obviously not all of this would be entirely practical to use, especially for those of us who already have a grasp on video production, but maybe it would be something good to look into if you are feeling stuck or at a loss in the remediation process. Hope this helps!


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