Remediation Station: A blog I think..

For my final piece of work in Writing 220, I believe I will make a blog.  I change my topic (again..) for my repurposing paper and decided to rework my final assignment in English 325 – a paper about a process. My process was how I found my sense of confidence. I repurposed this/I am continuing to work on this by making it into a letter to all freshman year female students.  The letter has a few personal anecdotes, a few moments of humor to lighten up the topic, but it mostly consists of the importance of maintaining and wearing one’s confidence throughout college, and really, life.  I truly enjoyed writing the original piece and have enjoyed the beginning stages of this one as well.

I believe a blog post would be a great way to remediate this piece of work.  Blogs are personal, can be funny or serious (depending on the topic), and can be as often as necessary.  I believe for a topic such a this, I want a very personal form of communication with my audience and a blog post would be the perfect opportunity.

As of now, I have never actually written a blog post (besides for our lovely Writing 220 class), but I sometimes feel I write small blogs in my head…..

I am really looking forward to starting this process. I think it will be a great learning opportunity as well as truly fun experience!

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  1. Hi Mollie, this sounds like a great idea! My brother has a blog and contributes to it on a weekly basis. He definitely takes advantage of it being a more personal form of communication by using anecdotal evidence to make a point. One way that he brings humor into his blog posts is by using gifs. I know that sounds cheap, and maybe I only think they’re funny because I share his sense of humor, but sometimes including one can create a connection with the audience. For example, he ended his last post with the quote, “Adventure is out there!” and included a gif from the movie Up.
    My repurposing took a form similar to yours in that my essay was a letter to my sister, who will be entering college soon. I would love to see your repurposed essay once you’ve finished – maybe my sister could take a few points from you!
    All the best,

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