Stressful Wakeup, Inspirational Work

I woke up this morning way earlier than I had intended to – in fact, my alarm clock has still not gone off. This usually happens to me when I’m stressed, when I have a few too many things weighing heavily on my mind, circling their way through the passage ways of my thought processes – what could go wrong? but what if ____ happens? Did I get ___ assignment done? Will I have enough time to do ____? I woke up with a bolt of energy, grab my computer, and got to work.


Within less than a half an hour, I completed more work than I had gotten done within two hours last night. No coffee, no drugs, nothing – just my mind, slightly stressed out.

After scheduling the rest of my day, finishing a paper, and saving the world (just kidding I didn’t save the world…) I started thinking about this phenomenon in terms of just writing.  There have been instances in the past in which I have a moment of inspiration: I am living my ordinary life and BAM! I have feeling that I should start writing for whatever reason and within an hour or so, 6-8 pages are in front of me.  There are other instances I can remember, many actually, in which I am sitting at my desk (at the library or in my room) pleading with brain to please please help me write the paper that is due in the next few days. I sit, stare, and beg at the computer in front of me for hours – and nothing. Am I the only one who finds this strange? Wouldn’t be nice to have a clock on your wrist letting you know what time of day you are going to feel inspired so you can plan accordingly?

I think the real interesting aspect of this debate comes about when you question the quality of the work you are writing. If you can write quickly, but it is subpar, are you truly feeling inspired? Then again, if you can’t write a decent five page paper, even if it takes you hours and hours, are you a writer at all?

Just some thoughts I had at 8 AM this morning….


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  1. Agreed! I am a professional procrastinator and my brother used to chastise me for getting my homework done so late at night in high school. I would refute that statement and say I worked best late and he said it was all in my head, and that I was actually just doing too much work in too short a time and the adrenaline that i could complete it made me feel accomplished. There are so few moments in my career as a student that I have actually felt like I was doing any of the work for me on my own time because I wanted to.

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