The Eportfoilio Enigma

When I was perusing the pages of past years’ Gateway Eportfolios, I have to say that there were some that were shining stars, and others that – to put it bluntly-  just weren’t. Many were adequate, put together, even good. However, a few just sucked your attention in like a black hole (pardon my cosmic metaphors).  Noticing this, when reading through the questions on the Eportfolio prompt, the question that seems particularly challenging to me is:

“What are some ways your portfolio can be distinctive, both in terms of how it presents you as a writer and in terms of the media and design you employ?”

This seems like one of the most challenging aspects of ANY creative project. It is relatively easy to fulfill requirements of drawing a portrait, or baking a chocolate cake, or creating a Eportfolio website. But creating something that is compelling, distinctive, and reflects your own creative spirit is a whole different ball of wax.

So obviously this all has my gears moving, just how am I going to make my Eportfolio something distinctive that I can be proud of? I guess I will start with MODELS, MODELS, MODELS. And where better to find models than….Drum roll pleaseeeeeee…. GOOGLE!

the cyber promise land for a college student
the cyber promise land for a college student

And only a few sites down I found some cool links! Mostly portfolios from college students like us from other universities in the United States such as these ones from Auburn University. Most of the ones I liked were simple and very visual. They often highlighted one photo and used very few different fonts or colors. Here are a few of the ones I like:

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.50.34 PM


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.52.51 PM

I think that these ones are clean and also distinctive. I would like mine to be similar, but of my own original design. The enlarged photos inspired me to maybe scan in some photos I have taken and use them within the Eportfolio. Overall, I have a long way to go, but I think looking at models to figure out what I find to be riveting along. I am taking baby mouse steps toward nailing down what kind of writer I want to portray myself as and how to accomplish that with the internet as a medium.



2 thoughts to “The Eportfoilio Enigma”

  1. Hi Julia,
    When we looked at the e-portfolios, I had the exact same thought. I could tell that everyone had put a lot of time into their e-portfolios, and there were some that just didn’t appeal to me, or some that had too much going on. Maybe the enigma here is the fact that, if one of the requirements is presenting our personality and identity as a writer, this identity will sometimes clash with other identities. Here’s how I see it: the portfolio needs to compliment and illustrate your writing, not overshadow it. So that’s what I’m working toward, I guess. I am impressed that you have already started looking for models, and you appear to have found a lot. Bottom line: as long as it’s to your taste, it works.

  2. Julia,
    Other Julia and I definitely had a similar experience when we were looking at one specific e-portfolio who shall not be named. Amongst all the questionable formatting, confusing writing, and generally haphazard navigability, what was most clear that this person had put A LOT of effort into making this e-portfolio. I think it is important to understand that while the design choices that another person makes might not match yours exactly (or in this case are just simply bad), the effort will always be clear. I hope, and am pretty confident, that you’ll make something that I will find both intellectually and aesthetically pleasing, but either way it’s very sure that you’ll make something that has a lot work at its core.

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