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So I think I’ve pretty much sold myself on doing some kind of video. I’m still working out the kinks on what exactly I’ll be doing, but I feel like I have a general idea regarding the kind of equipment that a film is going to require. Last semester in one of my Communications classes, we utilized LSA’s Instructional Support Services (ISS) to rent out an audio recording device. We were assigned to make a podcast, so we all rented them out and also had a tutorial class that day in the library where we were taught how to use the technology. ISS is an excellent university resource, as they simply make you fill out a form when you check out the device and then make sure all of the pieces are there when you return it. I had to check it out for a few extra days, and they were very much willing to let me continue coming in and extending my time with the recorder. That being said, it was also a little annoying to have to physically go to the site (there’s one on the second floor of the MLB and one on the ground floor of Angell, to name a few) to renew my checkout, but that still wasn’t a big deal. ISS is something that I see myself utilizing a lot for this project for a few reasons.

1) As mentioned above, students have the ability to rent equipment from ISS. I already have a video camera that I have utilized for many projects in the past, so that’s not something I have to worry about, but I do imagine I’ll need to rent that same sound equipment to ensure that I can hear what my interviewee’s are saying.

2) According to their blog, the media lab also has camera lenses, lighting, tripods, filters, among many other things. These are all available by checking them out using my MCard, so I plan on using some of these as well.

3) Additionally, the ISS offers many tutorials and classes, as well as consulting for specific software. I have a pretty decent working understanding of iMovie so I most likely won’t need these instructional meetings, but it’s nice to know they’re there should I get lost or confused.

4) On a more personal standpoint, I plan to videotape some of the older dancers here at UMich that practice at the posting wall. Simply having a lot of footage of dancers in general – regardless of age – is important. Along these same lines, I may interview a few people from such groups as well. It might offer some older perspectives that aren’t my own, but also aren’t those of teachers. People my age may have some insight that I didn’t touch on.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve found on campus so far! There may be more but I’ll have to do some more digging. I’m interested to see what everyone else has found!


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