Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad ePortfolio?

That would be me. As I sit here looking through this thick packet of requirements, I have a hard time believing I will have the strength to power out some quality, let alone presentable writing, by the end of the semester especially while having spring break brain as of now. However, I have more hope as I really think through some of these key questions. The two questions that seem the most daunting to me are:

1) How do you want to present yourself as a writer?

2) Who is your ideal audience?

Let’s tackle the first question now.

I have no idea how I want to present myself as a writer, but I know what I want to shine through in my words.

I want people to take me seriously more than anything. I don’t want to be another young adult writing about “finding myself” and day to day things that happen in my life that will likely be irrelevant in the coming weeks. I want to be an author who is writing cutting edge and relevant pieces. About social issues that people care about. To incorporate my passions into my work, yet make it about controversial or taboo topics that need to be addressed bluntly, directly, yet with tact. I want to expose concepts in my writing that aren’t usually covered and try to make other people care about these things. I guess I want to be a writer, similar to a journalist, but with the storytelling ability of a narrator.

I want to be unique and add something different.

That being said, my range of writing is all over the place. I tend to border on extremes. I love poetry. I love nonfiction news reports. I love short stories. Plays. Novels. You get the point. I just like to write. It doesn’t matter what the genre is to me, I will take my best stab at it.

I want to be a versatile writer as well. Adaptable.

The second question about my ideal audience is one that I completely struggle with answering. I’m not sure I have a specific audience, and I’m not trying to use that as a cop-out to answering this question. It seems no matter what I really just want to appeal to an audience who cares. This kind of goes with my hopes of being a versatile writer. I know poetry is not everyone’s thing (I, myself, once was drastically opposed to it). In a scenario of composing a piece of poetry I would just want one thing from my audience:

For my reader to relate to my work and overall, enjoy the piece of writing.

If they don’t enjoy it, I say critique it. Not everyone will have the same opinion and I always am open to hearing new sides to the same story. I guess my wishes regarding my audience are not that extensive. My ideal audience are those who challenge what I write or those who enjoy reading my writing.

My ultimate ideal audience would be people who did not think they were passionate about a topic and after reading my work, maybe have a stronger opinion or a newfound understanding of a particular subject.

I hope to create change. Whether that be good or bad, I don’t care. Simply discussing a difficult topic is a step forward often times.


I guess that’s the end of my rambling, two-cents worth on the ePortfolio project.

I hope as a reader, you find something valuable in this post, even if it is as minor as agreeing that the ePortfolio seems intimidating! (or completely disagreeing…)





One thought to “Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad ePortfolio?”

  1. Allie!

    I LOVED when you said, “I have no idea how I want to present myself as a writer, but I know what I want to shine through in my words.” I felt that in my soul haha plus I totally agree with the idea of letting your words speak for themselves and saying things that matter in a mature way.

    Since you were struggling to pin down your audience some (I have an issue with that, too. I’m always like “It’s for whoever wants to read it, who cares”), maybe it would help to think who your audience isn’t? You could start with ridiculous broad categories to help you rule some audiences out. I keep feeling like it’s too obvious to say that my audience is groups like professors or students, but it makes more sense after I think about who it’s not necessarily for (like the Chinese government or alligators or something).

    Seriously loved your ideas on what you want to convey though; reminded me of the Why I Write piece. 🙂


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