damn guys awesome job! + a few responses to portfolios that i thought were dope

Wow. Hugely impressed with everyone’s project. I honestly wanted to respond to all of them, but since writing 3500-4000 more words for this class isn’t something I am physically/mentally able to do right now, I picked three that really stood out to me when I first skimmed through the list. Also although this is already obvious, I want to stress that what I picked is very subjective and reflects my own interests and aesthetic preference.  I really thought everyone did an excellent job. Finally, I want to say that I seriously learned a lot and made significant strides in my writing working with you all throughout this past semester and throughout the Minor. I wish you all the best moving forward!


1. Lisa Miller-
The design and organization were the first aspects of your portfolio that caught my eye. This is where personal bias comes in, but after using Bootstrap for a while (and for my own portfolio), I am really drawn to sites that use it elegantly. I really like the vertical-scrolling-with-nav-bar layout because it allows all of the content to be readily present and accessible. Really nice customization! Visually I also thought your use of graphics were really appealing in that they were not overused, colorful, and gave a good sampling of what material was to come.

Speaking of material to come, your project is among the most informative I’ve seen. The use of graphs to illustrate the points you make does a great job of both dividing up the blocks of text and explaining them. The way you separate each misconception clearly presents the information despite the density of the topic. Although the political nature of your project, you did a good job of presenting the facts even if your bias is still present. I think that bias shows voice; after all, this is your project and thus includes a argumentative aspect that while subtle is effective. Great work!

2. Kaitlyn Byrne-
Since all I know (or knew, before your project) about Game Theory was its mention in A Beautiful Mind, this is the context in which I started to read your project. Soon, however, I realized I had also forgotten what Game Theory actually was besides an explanation of why to avoid blonde girls, and therefore this project was a great refresher in that regard. In addition, it was also a really interesting personal narrative, and the way you managed to weave the two together made it an exceptional piece. Your use of the future/conditional second person tense is one of things that really hammers this home. The tone felt like an angel/devil perched on my shoulder- I didn’t know what was manipulative and what was just clever, but it was all compelling. I also found the transitions from narrative prose to thought experiment and theory a great way of both explanation and dividing up the text (similar to how the graphs functioned in Lisa’s project like I mentioned above). Finally, I also thought the navigational structure of your portfolio was really straightforward and intuitive. It was very enjoyable to read!

3. Brooke Gabriel –

I’ve always thought the concept of tying together recipes with personal narrative was a cool idea, but I’ve also always wondered how its execution would look, and if it even could be pulled off. Well, Brooke, I know now it is possible to do, and to do really well. First off, I’m vibing heavily with the wood paneling background, I feel like I could be in a 70s-80s style home kitchen, about to chop it up with grandma. After the home page, I went right to your Capstone Project, and immediately liked the continuation of the theme. The intro reminding me a sort of menu introducing your work, and then the recipe cards as a more in-depth look, linking to your content.

Content-wise, all around your writing is compelling. What was cool for me was to have a choice of what to read, even if you didn’t intend for this to be the case. What I mean is that sometimes I was just content simply whetting my palette with the brief recipes you provided, but other times I wanted more and continued on to the essays. I’m not sure who I was rooting for between Jeff and your vegan diet, but you probably picked the healthiest option by splitting with both. Overall, I had a lot of fun reading this. Awesome work!


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