Finalized E-Portfolio!

I can’t believe I’m actually typing this…my e-portfolio is complete! Although I may miss constantly experimenting around with the design aspects and procrastinating from doing other assignments, the time has come to publish it. I’ve had so much fun working on my e-portfolio, from experimenting with Wix formats to simply incorporating all of my writing in one place. Under “Current Writing Endeavors,” I’ve linked all of my, shocker, current writing endeavors, which will make this e-portfolio great to show employers, etc. It’s crazy that this semester is already over–but I am so beyond thankful for having met an amazing group of writers, who truly aided me in growing within my own writing and creating my own identity as a writer. Pretty much, I just have to say that the minor in writing program is absolutely amazing thus far, and I am eager to see what it has in store for me in the future. I wanted to give a quick shoutout to Shelley Manis, along with my peers within the gateway course, for creating such an inviting atmosphere where we were truly able to grow and widen perspectives based on sharing ideas, peer reviews, and the introductory process within the minor as a whole.

I am truly proud of what has been accomplished within my e-portfolio, and hope that others find the same value within it that I have. One quick side note that I learned from typing a majority of my e-portfolio on the Wix site itself–Word is a savior. I’ve always been ignorant to the ways that Word underlines words that are spelled wrong, but once that is taken away from you, and you read through your project numerous times and STILL fail to catch all of the spelling errors (I had to copy and paste everything into word just as a final check…) you realize how amazing that feature is. So snaps for Word and its grammar functions. And so, goodbye for now, and read up! Click here to access my e-portfolio–or if Wix is acting weird, just copy and paste this URL


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