Gateway ePortfolio (Happy Summer)

After working all semester towards this moment, it’s strange that it’s finally here.  I’ve done all of the writing and my ePortfolio is finally done.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I have a couple different arcs throughout the portfolio.  I tried to keep a very digital feel to it, since many of the works were digital, multimodal projects.  I knew that wouldn’t work for the entire portfolio, however, so I just tried to keep a coherent theme through formatting.  Between the bright colors and continual circles, I hoped to make the portfolio seem like one coherent piece with a logical flow.

I attempted to make the portfolio have a logical path (by navigating in order through the top bar) but I also wanted all of the pages to stand alone in case someone goes onto it and just clicks around.  As far as navigation goes, I wanted my reflective writing to be on the same page as the piece of writing I was reflecting on, so I tried to keep it fairly short.  I didn’t want the pages to go down too far, so that someone reading the portfolio won’t get bored and stop reading before they get to the end.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the way my eportfolio turned out.  I wanted it to be fun and bubbly with a tiny bit of  professionalism and some personal touches.  I feel like I got the right mix of fun and a little professional and I got my personal touches in on the first page and the about me page.  So, without further ado, here is my eportfolio.

Although I’m sad for this great class to be over, I’m excited for summer (which starts for me as soon as I submit this blog post).  I hope everyone has a great summer doing whatever it is you’ll be doing!


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