Phoebe Gloeckner Follow-Up

Maybe it is a happy coincidence that I am discussing the Pheobe Gloeckner after the remediation, or maybe it is God forgiving my huge workload (and subsequent late submissions) by giving me an easy way of discussing her interview.

Regardless, it is fitting that I am just now discussing Pheobe Gloeckner’s interview.  This is because when she was describing her work process, her brilliance and, at times, what looked like insanity, was something that I thought I understood until I finished my Remediation.  When asked how she does what she does – dabble and immerse herself in various mediums – she always paused before explaining her process.  She would say things like “I don’t know, it was very stressful, but it would kind of just come together.”  When trying to discuss my remediation project, I felt the very same.  It was as if there was an intuitive way of handling mediums that you would discover as you went along.  I am not saying my remediation is noticeably impressive.  I am saying that I had a journey of discovery about how my medium – creating a podcast – should be used.

Lastly, Pheobe Gloeckner provided a lot of encouragement about the process of starting to use mediums.  For someone who is so proficient and excited with her work, it was amazing to hear how overwhelmed she seemed when she would start using a new form.  It was certainly an inspiring conversation.

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