Three Lists

In class on Tuesday, we were tasked with completing lists of the skills we already have that we need in order to complete both our re-purposing and re-mediation assignment. After this, we were asked to identify what skills we still need improvement on in order to finish the assignments. Here is what I came up with:

Skills needed for re-purposing
– Writing (letter formatting) 30%
– Dance 40%
– History 10%
– Media Studies 5%

Skills needed for remediation
– Dance 30%
– Film 25%
– Film editing 10%
– Journalistic approach 15%
– History 5%
– Media Studies 10%

Things I still need to learn/work on to finish my remediation
– Interviewing skills
– Sound equipment use
– Documentary formatting
– Selecting sources

Most of what I need to learn will have a big effect on the overall formatting of the assignment, which is the essence of the assignment itself so it’s imperative that I figure this out – and quickly! For now, it helps to recognize what I know and what I still need to work on.

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