Trends in “Three Lists” Posts

I’ve noticed that at least one list in each post contains sociology or psychology, indicating that these assignments are people centric. That’s a rather wide and useless statement since that could imply anything about people. But I think there lies an implication in the frequency of these disciplines. If you recall class on Tuesday, we were asked to create a college that only taught three areas of study. I think the prevalence of these disciplines is indicative of how much they permeate all realms of acedamia and society. Moreover, I think we all provide evidence of this with our third lists: many of the skills people need to master derive in some way, and sometimes explicitly, from psychology and/or sociology.

One thought to “Trends in “Three Lists” Posts”

  1. Hi Miles, this definitely is an interesting trend. Looking back at my lists, I believe that I included sociology for the reason you cited – my assignments are “people centric.” However, I also think that I included this academic discipline in order to express a consideration for the audience. If we don’t have some sort of understand of people, whether it comes from sociology or psychology, we won’t be able to persuade anyone through our writing besides ourselves.

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