Trois Listes


History (40%)

Economics (25%)

Psychology (20%)

Philosophy (10%)

Sociology (5%)


History (30%)

Psychology (30%)

Economics (10%)

Philosophy (10%)

Sociology (10%)

Visual Arts (5%)

Music (5%)


Further development needed:

For my re-mediation, I need to learn how to better formulate an exceptional narrative arc, in the truest sense. Considering the piece is an auditory one, I need to study effective psychology-based podcasts that have an effective hook at the onset of the program, yet have a meaningful resolve whereby the listener has acquired a new appreciation or understanding of a topic that they didn’t previously have. The goal is to educate. Therefore, I need to learn how best to teach, not only the specific material but broader material, as well. With that comes learning about effective transitions, voice variation, duration of periods of the podcast.

For my re-purposing, I still need to study more history of the topic at hand, but more importantly, psychology of decision-making, as well as group-psychology and the psychology of being uncomfortable.

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