I am gonna keep this short and sweet. (Click here, keep tab open while reading)

The semester is finally coming to a close, and I feel like celebrating! Don’t get me wrong, Writing 220 was an excellent course, and I really cannot express how much I enjoyed getting to know all you fine folks. However, I feel on cloud nine that I am submitting this dang E-portfolio that has been looming overhead all semester, and surprisingly, I feel proud of what I have made.

I think my portfolio expresses ME as a writer, which was my goal from the beginning. As I am browsing though of the portfolios of my peers, I think that they have all achieved the same. I can’t help but smile as I recognize pieces of the individuals I have grown to be friends with, reflected in their writing.

So on that note, here is my E-portfolio! .

You better enjoy it, seeing as I poured a bazillion hours into making it 🙂 jk <3 you guys have a great summer.

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