Working Through the E-Portfolio Prompt

As we get closer to the end of the semester, the more intimidated I get by the fact that at the end of the course we are suppose to have a WHOLE/COMPLETE website! This is a very daunting task. Not only do you have to create the actual website but you also have to have relevant content. While we have been working on the latter, I just don’t think that ANY of my artifacts are ready to be published on the internet…

On the prompt there are several questions to to consider when it comes time to publish the site. For example:

1. What kind of reading experience do you want your reader to have?

I want my readers to have a similar experience as they would enjoying an adaptation of their favorite novel. I want them to read the original piece, then the screenplay for the “upcoming film” and then watch the “trailer” for the movie. I want the pieces the be enjoyed on their own but also compared against each other to spark a discussion of what does and doesn’t work on screen.

2. How interactive do you want the site to be?

I want the site to be semi-interactive. I welcome comments but I don’t think that their will be a twitter feed or game or anything more. I want the site to stand on it’s own like a artists exhibition does. I don’t think it will evolve much past the completion of the course.

3. How do you want the site organized?

I want the site to be organized like a example guide? I want it to show the path of creation of an adapted work including all of the drafting steps.

Original piece → Screenplay  → Trailer  → Final Movie (This obviously won’t be included)

I think the best way to accomplish this is give each work it’s own tab but have links on each page for the previous and next work in the sequence.

4. What type of media do you want to include?

I want lot’s of media included!!! Mostly movies but other forms as well.


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  1. Hi Alex, it seems like you have a great idea for your ePortfolio as a whole! I really like how you’re emphasizing the user experience in your website layout decisions i.e. making sure there is a natural progression from writing to film. While I had the same idea to put my works under separate tabs, I had not considered how to create the best journey for the viewer. Thank you for bringing this idea to my attention through your post!

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