Bitter-Sweet’s Taste, and What You Eat After

Congratulations to us – we have finished the coursework of Writing 220. Sometimes it was excellent, sometimes it was merely acceptable. “The Maestro,” has sent the email regarding the completion of his portfolio assessments, so our stories (grades) are written.   For all intensive purposes, we are no longer a class.  Admittedly, I am STILL finishing some assignments for participation points.

But we are the winter 2015 cohort, and that’s why I decided to post something today.

The sadness I felt, combined with the inexorable wave of relief associated with all last-day-of-classes, says a lot about this particular class.  The latter is common, the former is not.  I thank you all and Professor McDaniel for eliciting that response in me.  It’s amazing to see the importance of a class manifest in an emotional form.

That feeling associated with us leaving is the longing to have the community, the support and the progress that we had during this class. Very few classes build that type of community and they should be cherished when they do.

This may seem a lot more sappy than I mean it to be.  I promise I’m not too bothered by eschewing homework for a while.  All I’m really trying to say is that this class was pretty cool.  And in whatever way this occurs, encourage and support one another.  Say hey when you see each other around (except for you, Joseph – I get you and your twin mixed up every time).  Like and support each other’s work on Facebook.  Run into each other at parties.  There were too many interesting and important moments in this class to not.

So cheers to the winter 2015 cohort.. I’ll see y’all around.

p.s. Professor McDaniel’s twitter is straight fire.

p.p.s. Don’t let him catch you smoking cigarettes.

One thought to “Bitter-Sweet’s Taste, and What You Eat After”

  1. I feel like I’m at some weird sappy mix of Prom and Graduation at once! Kidding, sort of, but I get what you’re saying. As weird as I found it initially that a writing class spent far more time talking about seemingly anything else than actually focusing on writing, I grew an exceptional amount from hearing so many of our different perspectives and ideas stacked up against each other’s, and I think it was able to create an experience that will (or at least should) last beyond the timeframe of the class. Additionally, that growth did translate into the way I look at my writing, and has already given me a new and broadened perspective as to what can be accomplished with writing. Thank you for your post, and for everything you brought to this class, I know personally I appreciate it a great deal already.

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