Thoughts on home and community

For my final blog post in this class, I’m combining two major thoughts that have been swirling in my head this week. That’s the idea of home, and the value of a community.

These come up because 1) All of my friends are now leaving Ann Arbor, as their native¬†buddy stays behind, and 2) Because my house of about 30 students has undergone dining room renovations. So as I eat breakfast alone, I grow to appreciate the sense of community I’m surrounded with so regularly.

Whether it’s friends, colleagues at the Daily, community service partners, or even classmates in Writing 220, I’m fortunate to usually be within a strong community. But before I get too sappy, what creates a sense of community, and how can we carry that into our writing? Writers constantly seek to engage and welcome in their readers, but can any elements of communities you belong to translate to making your writing something people want to connect to?

Similarly, how can we as writers and communicators create that sense of home? How were you successfully or unsuccessfully able to accomplish this in your portfolios? Can it translate to writing? If so, how?

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