Three Lists — The best exercise I did in this class

Yes, I will have a number of late blog posts here, but this one was intentional. I knew right away when I was compiling the initial lists weeks ago that this was an interesting exercise, one that can really dig deep in both the preparation process and reflection of the work I do. I wanted to keep sitting on these lists, and monitor how they changed throughout the process of writing my repurposing and remediation projects.

My big beef with writing is often the question of what the point of it is. If I’m not careful and conscious of it, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of writing essays because they’re assigned, articles because things happen, and really disassociate myself with the content I produce. But by thinking about where my information or knowledge stacks up in my creations, I have a chance to critically think about the goals and purpose of them as well. This was a refreshing exercise, and here are my lists:

Original Article

10% psychology

15% statistics

10% philosophy

20% english/argumentation

10% American studies

20% history

15% just sports


30% psychology

20% American studies

10% sociology

20% history

5% English

10% organizational studies

5% philosophy


40% psychology

15% sociology

10% history

5% english

10% american studies

What I wrote at the time for what I needed to learn to accomplish these lists:

I hope to learn more about the psychological implications and root causes of group mentality, I’ll need to learn about the sociology of sports, and see if the patterns I have seen in the student section align with principles of american studies and organizational studies. Additionally, learning how to do a personal narrative and a past-tense documentary would be quite helpful

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