What will be the lasting effect of this week’s events in Baltimore?

The events that occurred over the past week in Baltimore cannot be appropriately discussed in this type of blog. But I would, if I may, like to focus on an interesting issue to me, and that is the reaction toward the media in the rising tensions.

As opposed to similar events in the past — including some this year — there seemed to be almost as much disdain for the media as anyone else involved. Numerous camera-phone videos showed Baltimore residents attacking visiting members of the media, frustrated at feeling exploited for their troubles and reactions. Not unrelated, many members of the media could be seen antagonizing the residents, trying to rile up a crazy collection of rioters for the camera.

Neither of these situations is new or unique, but with video cameras in just about everyone’s hand today, it’s clear that everyone will be held accountable for wrongdoing. For the comments below, is this setting a precedent for rallies and protests down the road? What is the role of media members in these types of situations, and how should it be different? If protesters achieve their goal of getting rid of the media, does their cause lose some steam without coverage? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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