Capstone- Contradictions and Challenges

So hey guys, lets talk about these contradictions and challenges with the Writer’s Evolution Essay. In class we spoke about authenticity and as I reflect it seems this has been a topic of conversation throughout the minor courses. Finding this true, authentic voice seems to be the challenge when writing about ones self. This is also precisely the challenge I am facing now.

We spoke on writing to please the reader and in some forms of writing I do believe this is an acceptable adaptation. But when writing about ones self, while it may be acceptable I do not think it is necessary. Here is where contradictions come into play. I began my essay on the premise that I would not be converging on any one point and stating that I evolved to a specific point/level of enlightenment. However, I ended up doing just that. Although I was not 100% clear and going in one direction with my thoughts, I did end up making a solid point by the end.

The problem with this is because I was trying to write what I felt Professor McDaniel wanted to hear I was not using my authentic voice. You see my authentic voice likes to converge on a point by using the analysis I have drawn from the situation to build a conclusion. The point may be multi fasceted however it is still a point. The analysis is the essay and the “point” I converge upon should be apart of it. Talking about the process is the actual point of this essay becasue evolution is not a finished product it is the process of evolving.

I still have many ideas in my head but I will leave you all with a question. Why have we forsaken our “Why I Write, “essays? We have already identified our purpose and it can surely help us talk about our evolution thereafter.

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