Cracked is like crack

All right, it’s been about two weeks since school has started. Classes have been going pretty well, and the temptation to binge watch Netflix is nonexistent (for now, anyway). Perhaps it will be possible to achieve something beneficial this semester, like living a healthier lifestyle, finding a new hobby, or creating world peace! Nothing will stop this newfound optimism!

Except, of course, the Internet.

Like a drug dealer in a shady alley, the Internet is always there to give us something different and addicting to try. This time, I explored the blog known as Cracked. And just like the drug crack, it was a one-hit hooked situation: I couldn’t resist once I had my first taste. What’s so captivating about this blog is the sporadic nature of the posts; ranging from “What I learned spamming a suggestion box with cat pictures” to “‘Entourage’ is so bad pirates don’t want to steal it,” the broad variety of topics piqued my interest. Portrayed as a slice of life type of genre (where everyday aspects of life are arbitrarily discussed) with a comedic twist added, this blog intentionally targets my age group; curious young adults in school who are fascinated with unique perspectives on different aspects of modern culture.

It’s easy to dismiss this as nothing more than catchy titles reeling in viewers, a practice that has been around for many years. However, the blog makes up for this in actual content by using hyperbolic statements to make situations and statements more absurd. For instance, when reflecting on an episode of “Celebrity Family Feud,” the blogger recalls that “Steve Harvey, having no idea or interest in what Mario’s actual answer was just now, instead screams “Chicken Nugget!” at the answer board because, I guess at a certain point during a disaster, you stop trying to save the day and start exploring what surprising new lows you can sink to.”

steve harvey

By juxtaposing the family television show with an exaggerated guess on why Steve Harvey acted in that way, this blog surprises its audience with a unique take on what happened. Extensively utilizing this type of language, Cracked allows the reader to enjoy a somewhat sadistic perspective on topics that would not normally be viewed in such a manner, mesmerizing the niche it is directed towards.

Ultimately, you should consider looking through this blog if you are having a bad day and want a good laugh. This blog will expand your paradigm on comedy if you keep an open mind about it. Just remember that, just like the drug, Cracked is addicting; so only look at it when you can afford to spend a few hours doing nothing.

Robert Molnar

Just someone who enjoys Netflix, music, and tennis. I also write a little.

2 thoughts to “Cracked is like crack”

  1. I would just like to say that it’s 1:48 am, and I am sorely regretting clicking on this blog thinking I would only spend a couple of minutes looking around. It’s 45 minutes later, I’m still on the website, and I’m rethinking all of my life choices. I really enjoy this blog because of the way it pokes fun at modern popular culture and provides newer perspectives on things we’ve perhaps been unconsciously aware of for so long. I like how you note that one should explore this blog if they’re having a bad day because, ironically, I find most blogs/ fun internet sites happen to cheer me up when I’m feeling bleh. Obviously they’re a great distraction from school work, but, like this particular one, their ability to brighten up a day is something that’s truly valuable and needed, especially in the lives of young college students.

  2. This blog is definitely addicting! I love the use of humor, and the catchy titles really make the reader want to stick around. A lot of the articles make really good cultural commentary on phenomena going on around us in a satirical way. I really like this blog because it caters to a young demographic, and it is both informative and entertaining at the same time!

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