Elwood Reid

Someway or another, this narrative always finds a way to sneak up on me, at least once every year I’ve been here. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I only skimmed through it when I was first assigned this by my first English teacher. Whatever it may be, a cruse or gift from the Gods, there is no denying that Elwood Reid can write, and pretty damn well at that.

I really admire his work, mainly because, actually I don’t know why. I’ve only ever read his quite famous piece My Body My Weapon My Shame. To be honest I probably thought that this was going to be just some other Football narrative about some guy that happen to be here. I was more  than likely prejudice towards him for being a big guy, and even more likely than that, I probably didn’t give this piece of literature the respect that it deserved on the first read thru. I want to make amends to my past by choosing this as my go to piece that I want to emulate. More so for the fact that it is so good than the fact that I feel guilty.

I think it took a second reading for something haunting to set in, a man that was beaten almost everyday, normally had broken fingers, and dealt with drug abuse writes better than I do. My little pedestal sat low that day, but it taught me a lesson that I had all to easily forgotten. One that I would like to flesh out in the first project.

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  1. Hi, Alfredo!
    I have never read anything written by Elwood Reid, but from the way you explained it, I am guessing he is someone who does not fit the typical writer mold. I find your fascination with his writing inspiring because it shows just how useful our time in the Minor in Writing will be in the long run. We all have different majors and our life paths will be completely skewed from each other, but the ability to write well is going to benefit each one of us. In addition, I love being surprised by things I read. The fact that you were not expecting Elwood to be a good writer, but he ended up blowing you away with his talent is exciting to me. I would rather be underestimated than overestimated.

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