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There were two questions that I immediately cringed away from in the ePortfolio Prompt, and they happen to be the two most blatant, and straightforward: “How do you want to present yourself as a writer?” And, “Who is your ideal audience?”

I struggle with these questions because I struggle with the most basic building blocks of writing. Oddly enough, the syntax and lyricism of rhetoric comes easily. For me, words just flow onto paper, but, I like having a structured prompt. So, how do I want to present myself as a writer? Probably similar to the way I want to present myself as a person–introspective and intelligent with a quirky twist of passion, and a tendency to have an endless stream of consciousness (Now that I’m reading that sentence it sounds like a character review for a cheesy best-seller, but I digress.)

My ideal audience is the one that I already have–my peers at U of M who seem to be smart, witty, and understanding. They get my 21st century lingo, our generation’s 21st century shortcomings, and the general plight of a college student. They are a cohort unmatched by the likes of any other; they make the perfect canvas for the splattering of my fresh ideas.

The Minor in Writing has created a body of students with so much texture, that I can’t imagine a more perfect audience. Perhaps it’s too perfect. Perhaps I’ll get too comfortable. But, I’d hope that they remind me to push myself, and to find my voice as a writer. And, I’ll try to do the same for them.

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  1. This post was really interesting to read! I also struggle with answering these super basic, fundamental questions. I’m sure that’s only natural though, as we are so young… It seems as if you have a pretty clear answers in mind to them both though, and you are inspiring me to similarly hone in on my responses. I love your description of how you wish to present yourself–I do not think I have any sort of “self” in mind when it comes to my own desired presentation as a writer, though perhaps I just have not given it enough thought. I also love how you point out the characteristics of our audience here at Michigan. There is something special about our college community–our shared lingo and experiences that other groups of people do not quite “get.”

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