Harper and Harley, The Greatest Fashion Blog You’ve Never Heard Of

If you’ve ever glanced over my shoulder before class, you probably saw me scrolling through Instagram. You may have even noticed that at least every other post comes from someone I’ve never met and probably will never meet in my lifetime. These people are fashion bloggers.

Tea time via @harperandharleyThey live a life I can only dream of living. One where having high tea at Burberry sums up a typical Sunday afternoon (see left) and sitting front row at Versace during New York Fashion Week is no big deal.

While most fashion bloggers post similar items, I’ve found that my favorite blog to follow is Harper and Harley, created by Sara Donaldson. Sara is an Australian blogger focused on providing readers with inspiration using her black, white, and grey philosophy. Essentially, Sara believes that color–to a certain extent–should be removed from one’s wardrobe and true style can be achieved using only neutrals.

I found her fashion blog while reading an article on refinery29.com titled, “The Crazy Response Fashion Bloggers Get When They Take A Break”. In response to fans that can sometimes get upset when bloggers have not been posting as regularly, Sara notes, “Sometimes, it’s just a simple fact that you would rather not be on your phone and instead, live your life in the present.” I was immediately intrigued by Sara’s response, mostly because of her emphasis on living in the present, and decided to check out her blog.

Sara Donaldson via @harperandharley

Compared to other fashion bloggers, Sara’s emphasis on playing with essential pieces of one’s wardrobe (think: jeans, black t-shirts, nude heels) is relatable for many people. I often struggle to add color to my wardrobe because I prefer wearing neutrals, like black or white. It used to bother me that I couldn’t buy something of color until I found Sara’s blog. Her unique perspective on style without color allowed me to feel more comfortable with my own personal style and experiment with different textures and accessories.

While Sara’s blog is directed mainly towards women in their 20s, her blog, according to her “About” page, is for “inspiration on how to wear these key pieces, but also as a guide for those who wish to follow suit and eliminate colour from their wardrobes.” Thus, both men and women, if they identify with her style and aesthetic, can appreciate and enjoy her posts. Personally, I believe that fashion is an art form and that, like other types of art, can be appreciated by anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, etc. All it takes is a willingness to try things you’ve never tried before.

Blog Post on harperandharley.comSpeaking of posts, Sara writes about everything from wearing double denim to why you should workout outdoors. Similarly, she travels so often (and gets paid just to show up at fashion shows!) that her Instagram and blog are filled to the brim with photos of London, Milan, and Paris. With such a wide variety of content to choose from, Sara remains one of my favorite fashion bloggers and hopefully she’ll become one of yours, too!

Caroline Rafferty

Caroline is a Lauren Conrad aficionado with more clothes than sense. Currently suffering with a severe case of wanderlust and wondering why more people don't like jicama, Caroline is an extremely gifted napper who is a Communications major. Between reading "Into The Gloss" and listening to her "rbf" Spotify playlist, Caroline writes about anything that comes to mind. Anything.

2 thoughts to “Harper and Harley, The Greatest Fashion Blog You’ve Never Heard Of”

  1. Gosh her instagram is gorgeous. I’ve never heard of Sara before, probably because I’ve eliminated a lot of fashion and other instagram famous people from my feed in the past few months. Her perspective on neutrals is one I was born with. Color is great, its just not great for me. All neutrals go together pretty well, so your wardrobe becomes exceedingly versatile as you stock up on neutrals. Why people feel the need to comment on the lack of color in my clothing is so strange to me. If I were a guy I don’t think people would make those comments. I will admit I go back and forth between I’m going to keep creating this neutral based wardrobe and maybe I should spice it up with an element of color. But every single time I venture into that world I regret it.

    Its interesting that this wealthy girl is telling her viewer/readership that a minimalist and neutral approach to a wardrobe is advantageous. I think of this mindset as one for those on a budget. It makes me feel good that someone with amazing purchasing power is choosing and promoting the aesthetic a broke college student has chosen. So thank you for posting this.

    Oh also, another issue I run into with colored clothing is being able to find a complimentary lipstick that not only looks good with my skin tone but also my garments. I won’t be following this blog though because I’m currently following a self-prescribed treatment plan for my clothing addiction.

  2. Caroline: Like Kennedy, I had never heard of Sara up to this point! Sara’s Instagram is breathtaking, she appears to have a great deal of talent in not only photographing the world through her own lens, but through a lens of organic fashion. I am not one to claim to possess a sense of fashion, but a lot of what you said about Sara’s perspective on fashion makes sense to me. “Style without color” seems like an extraordinarily unique personal style choice to someone like me, but Sara is convincing in that an essential wardrobe can be all one needs to make an incredible impression and see a new perspective on fashion.
    After years of doing YouTube videos and watching various other content creators online, I understand the extent that people can become impatient after a break in posts. As you noted Caroline, Sara has a fantastic perspective on these types of situations, and a great deal can be said for taking a break and “living your life in the present”.
    Thank you for sharing Sara’s work with us, and for your awesome post!

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