How does one reflect?

Through the process of creating my rough draft, I have been thinking of several questions that prompted me about this topic. This past summer, I did a lot of reflection on my work during my internship workshops. Reflection is an interesting topic because you cannot recall a memory the same twice. Therefore, what is the purpose of reflection. How can you reflect on topics that are on going. In this class, we highlight how there are no such things as final drafts, thus, you are always re-working and reflecting on what you have. So how much is too much? What is your process of reflecting to make it an experience to help you improve yourself. Also, when you reflect, do you think of the idea and what it truly means to review that specific thing/event? From this thinking, how important is it to reflect for this prompt to our evolution essay? Who should the reader trust you, as the writer, in anything you write. This is another key thing that is important to think about while reflecting. What are other key items one should highlight when one reflects?

One reflection process I enjoyed to do (but took a lot of effort to do) was called the “Best Self” assignment. This assignment was very dependent on the 20+ responses I received from people who know me best. However, then I was able to reflect on how they viewed me at my best self. I pulled characteristics of myself out from each story my friends/families shared with me which made it easier to reflect on. If I was to do this without the stories of “when I was my best self” from my friends/families, I do not think I would have been able to highlight a variety¬†characteristics of myself (partly because I don’t like talking about myself, but also because I do not think I would have remembered half of the stories that were shared by my peers).

This is how the reflection looks like. You can see how I responded to my brothers stories.
This is how the reflection looks like. You can see how I responded to my brothers stories.

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  1. Hi Emily,
    I think you have rasied an extremely valid question here. And I do think you are right, reflection is a tricky thing to navigate. Esepcially, when we are using our recollection of an event or a period of time and writing about some concrete phenominon or idea. I think you are however, on to something with all of htese questions you are raising. Reflection is actually analysis of a specific thing (what ever you are refelcting upon). All of these questions are apart of your reflection. This questioning of what a reflection is or what function it actually serves is truly the point of reflection: to raise questions or to get your peers turning. I think you are on the right track, keep going!

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