Overcoming Contradictions

In creating the Writer’s Evolution Essay, we have discovered that a major concern is presenting contradictory claims. More specifically, writing this essay necessitates making claims which are exclusive, whether it be a result of conflicting evidence or simply inconsistent thoughts. These contradictions create tension in that we must either leave something out to make it work, or change the overall argument.

My Writer’s Evolution Essay centers on the idea of evolution in terms of my approach to righting. I aim to argue that I used to view writing as a means of creating a product with a very defined and strict process, whereas now I view writing as a learning experience in itself with less of a focus on process and more of a focus on personal growth and expression. A major contradiction of my essay is that I write about doing well by doing what I am “supposed” to do versus doing well by “rejecting” the writing process. At the same time that I argue for a rejection of the process, I discuss the benefit I have gained from process over time (i.e., taking writing classes and improving my writing style in specific ways. I have yet to decide how I will overcome this contradiction, but I think this tension is what makes my argument more nuanced and I hope to be able to account for this contradiction and make it work.

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