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I began with a research paper analyzing the Substantive Due Process and the Undue Burden Standard within two cases: Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey. I  wanted to repurpose this paper because there has been significant debate in the news as to whether or not the country should publically defund Planned Parenthood. I personally and am staunchly pro-choice and an avid supporter of Planned Parenthood, so I knew immediately that I wanted to dig into this topic and explore it in a new way. While I did discuss  my opinion in my research paper, it is very technical about certain means of the legislature and the Supreme Court. Thus, I wanted to explore the topic in a more creative way. Then a few weeks ago, I signed up for a feminist newsletter written Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, two of my personal heroes and women I sincerely look up to. They sent out one newsletter entitled “#AskYourMother” in which after re-capping the many discussions going on in our government about defunding Planned Parenthood, they recounted two stories about their own mothers’ experiences before Roe v Wade.  First I will write a brief opinion-article type discussion about the current political climate, and how defunding Planned Parenthood could affect women across the country in very serious ways. Then, I will collect personal stories from women across age groups, to recount personal stories about women who have had abortions and how these experiences have affected their lives.

The lenny letter genre is what I largely want to base my repurposing project off of as I think it is both informative and has an element of creativity and storytelling within. However, I want my piece to have an element that is similar to an opinion article that might appear in the opinion section of a  publication like the New York Times. To do so, I will have to do more research on the potential government shut down as well as the short term and long term implications of defunding Planned Parenthood. This New York times article is an example of some of the types of research I will have to do to write this section. For one, I will have to continue to familiarize myself with all of the bills intend to avert a government shut down, and all of the major political players who are currently at the center of this debate.

I hope that the combination of both a journalist perspective and a few personal stories will help my audience understand the importance of the issue, and will allow readers to both increase their knowledge about the debate, and form a personal connection to the stories I plan on telling in order to come to a deeper emotional understanding of what it means to defund Planned Parenthood, or even to overturn Roe v Wade.





Lauren Diamond

Lauren Diamond is a Junior at the University of Michigan and a Political Science Major.

2 thoughts to “Road Map”

  1. Lauren,
    I completely agree with you in your initial paragraph; there has been an incredible amount of debate over Planned Parenthood in the recent years. Therefore, it is important to get the opinion of one so passionate on this topic, to have someone to discuss its implications without there being legal jargon to obstruct its meaning. This is where I particularly enjoy the idea of you writing an opinion-article, as it would allow you to have a stronger voice and express yourself to a far greater extent than you could beforehand. I also like how you plan to appeal to the audience’s pathos in your project by including stories of those affected by this issue, as it would undoubtedly help create a connection between you and your readers. This Planned Parenthood issue is one that will certainly affect us in the near future and will be plagued with controversy, so I am personally excited to see how you write about this issue,

  2. Lauren,
    I definitely think there is an exigence for what you’re aiming to address in your repurposing project. With all of the controversy and coverage surrounding the discussion of defunding Planned Parenthood, your piece has the perfect opportunity to provide a voice amongst this conversation. I really like the idea of including actually stories of women who’ve received abortions before and after the Roe v. Wade case. I think getting personal recounts and raw stories from individuals directly affected by this experience will add a layer of genuineness and realism that probably wasn’t present in your original research paper.

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