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I have always had trouble reading the news. Another death, another murder, terrible stupid things our government does…it is all very upsetting. The only way I can truly handle the news/current events is with a lot of satire.

One of my favorite ways in being informed about current events while getting my healthy dose of satire is John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. For those of you not familiar with this, each week a video is posted of John Oliver discussing this week’s latest news topic. He educates the viewer on the serious topics, and backs up his argument with statistics and various sources, but also weaves in satire in order to lighten things up.

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A blog that follows John’s Oliver satirical style is The Onion–“America’s Finest News Source.” Although much (MUCH) less educational, it’s always a good laugh.

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The Onion is by no way a means to replace your usual news-reading. But it mimics America’s news sources and provides that satire that our news sources so desperately needs sometimes.  

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So if you are like me, consider checking out The Onion. It’s light; it’s funny. It makes fun of the stupid things in our society that are only tolerable when ridiculed (and apparently everything else too).


Genre: News Satire/”Fake News”

Audience: People Fed Up with America

Minna Wybrecht

Minna's a PreMed student at the University of Michigan. She believes in three things. Milk chocolate. Ballroom dancing. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

5 thoughts to “The Onion”

  1. I love the picture you included – I think it really sums up what The Onion is all about it. I have to agree with Kennedy – sometimes the gray area between truth and satire is overwhelming. I find it interesting that you depict the audience as “People Fed Up with America.” I don’t necessarily think that has to be the case – it might be people who are fed up with the media, rather. Just my two cents.

  2. I think you two make really good points. There definitely is a difference between what America is and what the media depicts. So to correct myself, the audience is “People Fed Up with the Media.”

  3. I think it’s really hilarious that you posted about The Onion. Humorous sites like them do a good job of breaking from the fray, adding a little bit of silly sweet to the sour sadness of the regular news. I also agree with Kennedy that even though their articles are meant to be satirical, they tend to align shockingly well with real world events, unfortunately.

  4. I love this post (and the Onion). I’m thinking about writing my Capstone project on the point you made about satirical news being “much (MUCH) less educational”. As somebody who loves The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight, I sometimes struggle with the fact that those shows help you feel really informed without actually covering many of the granular details on issues. In other words, how much of a substitute can satirical news be for actual news? It’s an interesting grey area

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