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Before taking Writing 220, I was overwhelmingly unaware of the vast blogging world. I knew a couple students from my high school who began blogs, but usually was uninterested considering they didn’t provide much substance (one girl posts every day describing what she makes for breakfast or how she “feels” on her way to class – like, who cares?) Anyway, as you can tell, prior to this course I was cynical about blogging. However, after some research and discovery, I’ve realized that blogging can be an outlet for emotion and provide a plethora of advice ranging from fashion to food to how to relax.

The quintessential blog that I have found is called In The Frow. I found this blogger – Victoria – while scrolling through my Instagram feed, particularly noticing her most recent post from a TopShop fashion show during London Fashion Week. After traveling to London and Paris this past summer, I’ve become really interested in European culture and fashion. However, after browsing Victoria’s blog, I realized she provided so much more, ranging from fashion, beauty, life, food, travel, news, and shop. Under the “Life” tab, for example, Victoria has a section entitled “advice” where she has posts about how to relax as well as “reflections” where she gets personal about her own struggles and endeavors.

Don’t get me wrong, I love beauty and fashion. I subscribe to Birchbox and receive beauty samples each month, and may or may not have a slight addiction to online shopping. Victoria’s beauty tricks and tips as well as photos and posts about London Fashion Week are what drew me into her blogging world. She appeals to an audience of women who value their self-care and presentation. But, what keeps me around is her deeper connection with readers on topics such as life – advice and reflections – as well as travel and food. This widens her audience appeal to women who don’t necessarily jump at the chance for new beauty products but are curious about the world and traveling it. Additionally, the ease with which the site can be navigated makes it appealing to readers who have never blogged before but are willing to try it. By providing insights in all these categories in an easy-to-navigate fashion, Victoria or “In the Frow” formulates the quintessential blog, even for a new reader like myself.


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Anna Prenzler

Anna is a senior studying business with a minor in writing at the University of Michigan. She believes you can never sing or laugh enough, and you must write things down for two reasons - to remember what happens in your life and to feel something.

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  1. I was totally the same deal in terms of being cynical about blogging. As mentioned in the Why I Blog article we read for class, blogging is very personal. The blogger takes a lot of risks divulging their momentary thoughts. But I think there is definitely value in this form of writing. It brings people closer together. I’m glad we get to blog as part of this class in order to try out new ways of writing.

  2. Her blog seems a very good balance of personal and informational. These varieties of bloggers, combining fashion, beauty and travel life are on the rise, at least that is what I have observed. I’m not surprised that you stumbled across hers via instagram, given that the pictures of hers that you featured look very impassioned.
    And kudos to you for diving into the expanding blogging world!

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