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I suppose ‘good blogging’ is writing about something personally meaningful. Since it’s a fairly stream-of-consciousness based act, if you aren’t actively invested in what you’re blogging about then a) don’t spend your precious time this way and b) it will probably come off as dry and at least a little boring.

Pat Rothfuss is a pretty great blogger. For that matter, he’s a fantastic author. Rothfuss has written 3 successful fantasy novels (working on a 4th) and started a cool fundraising organization called Worldbuilders that donates to his favorite charity, Heifer International. Rothfuss fans have really come through for this charity. According to the site, “In the first 7 years, [Worldbuilders] raised just over $3.5 million for Heifer international.” A lot of this was largely in part of exposure from Rothfuss’s blog.

On his blog, Rothfuss posts about his upcoming events, his writing process, the aforementioned charity, life in general, and sometimes if we’re lucky, his adorable kids. He’s given them nicknames (the eldest is Oot and the new baby is Cutie Snoo) to protect their privacy. These stories can range from hilarious to surprisingly profound and are probably my favorite part of the blog.

I’ll leave you with a video of him playing a board game on Wil Wheton’s YouTube show.

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3 thoughts to “The Rothfuss”

  1. Hey Emily! This sounds so cool, hearing about the specific writing process of an author is so interesting. It sounds like he writes about the things that are most important to him, like his family and charity, which is a key element in all good writing. I’ll definitely check it out!

  2. Hi Emily! I hadn’t heard of Pat Rothfuss until now! I like that he has so many different things going on–blogging, writing novels, making videos, raising money for charity, and it looks like on top of all of that, he’s even raising kids. He definitely sounds like an interesting guy that most people would enjoy getting to know.

  3. Hi Emily!

    Your post touched on something that I find to be incredibly important in blogging, as well as writing in general. You said, ” ‘good blogging’ is writing about something personally meaningful.” I would definitely agree with that statement. Last semester, I took a class where the main writing assignment was to “make the private public.” I believe that this is an important characteristic in all good writing. If it isn’t personal, then you aren’t providing a unique perspective. If you are writing about something “public” that isn’t personal to you, you aren’t adding value to others thoughts and opinions. But when you speak about something personally meaningful, your own experiences shed new light on a topic.

    I think this contributes to why you love the excerpts about his kids the most. He is writing about a personal interaction that is unique to him that he finds worthwhile to share with others. Without even having kids of your own, you are interested in the perspective that he shares, because it is one that only he can offer. Anyway, thanks for sharing this blogger!


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