What makes a good blog?


I choseĀ MGoBlog because it’s a wildly successful Michigan sports blog. The authors who work for MGoBlog are well-known if you’re a fan of Michigan sports, and have real personalities that people often connect with (though the authors’ Twitter presence might help their success as well).

I think the class should try to follow MGoBlog for at least a week because you’ll quickly gain familiarity with the style of each writer. It’s also a great source of information if you’re a Michigan sports fan. Considering all of you are Michigan students, I’ll assume that some of you are.

One of MGoBlog’s defining features is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s witty and funny, and I think fans who get tired of reading newspaper-style articles look to MGoBlog for a comedic spin on information. It’s great for fans who want to get multiple perspectives. When you read a newspaper article, it should be unbiased and fairly straightforward. Because MGoBlog is a fan blog, there’s more wiggle room for personality.



Kelly Hall

I'm a junior at the University of Michigan studying Psychology with minors in Writing and Entrepreneurship. I love writing about community events, especially those involving sports. On campus, I spend most of my time at the Michigan Daily, where I'm a sports editor and writer.

2 thoughts to “What makes a good blog?”

  1. Hey Kelly! I love MGoBlog, it’s informative without being too factual. I love that the writers have personalities and include their personal opinions in their articles. I agree the class should follow this blog!

  2. This blog sounds pretty neat. Personally, I’m not a big sports fan but I still have a lot of school spirit. The comedic and more informal angle you mention might help to bring in readers like me who don’t necessarily get all of the hullabaloo but still want to know what’s going on.

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