A Four Day Lull

I am busy over fall break.  Busy doing things on my “List of Things To Think About Doing and Then Eventually Doing When I Have A Spare Moment” list.  Today, I got to cross “read Chapter 10 and 11 in Contemporary Urban Planning”, “go to campus bikes to get tires pumped up”, “go to running shop for new shoes”, “go to gardening shop to buy pot for dying succulent”, and “eat french toast at Sava’s” off the list.  On my walk through the diag on my way home from all of these things and after walking my sister to the Amtrack station (so she could ride back home to Chicago), I finally had some time to think.

I thought about how awesome being at college is.  And better yet, I got to think about how awesome going to the University of Michigan is and how it seems to just keep getting better and better every day I spend here.  I also got to reflect on goals I had set in the past but had seriously lost sight of throughout the course of this hectic semester.

Sometime during this past summer, I wrote down on a piece of paper in my mangled sketchbook a goal.  All that I wrote was this:


–> founder of College of Architecture: Caroline Petersen”

You are probably confused, but I can look back at this page in any amount of years and know exactly what I meant at this point in time.

When I was applying for college, I had my eyes and heart set on the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  My sister had gone to school there, and after many years of thought, I knew that it would be the perfect school for me, as it scored tens in many facets and categories that I had set during my college search.  On the first day of winter break during my senior year of high school, I received a denial letter from Wisconsin and just about everything I had planned for myself was destroyed.  I chose to appeal the decision, thinking something was overlooked.  The appeal returned as another denial letter and I was confused.

So, as anyone would do, I decided that there was a inherent reason for my denial.  One that I would someday find out.  And I think I found it out on the exact day that I wrote the fewer than 10 word insert in my sketchbook.

I decided on that day that I was denied from attending Wisconsin because I needed to learn architecture and this wouldn’t have been an option for me at Wisconsin, as it is not a degree offered from the school.

I realized that my two favorite things were separated by an undeniable force.  I could in no manners be at my (still) favorite place on earth and meanwhile study my newly found major interest of architecture.  And I want no one else to ever come across this divide.

Therefore, I created the goal and plan of receiving a degree in architecture, then there after receiving a masters in something, and after that, moving my home to Wisconsin, Madison to begin a College of Architecture Program at The University of Wisconsin.

Ambitious? Yes.  Possible? Sure.  Unreasonable? Maybe..

I’m not exactly sure about the feasibility of my idea, but a dreamer can dream, right?  In the meantime I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing because it seems like its working.

I’m also attaching a photograph that I took today of an art instillation taking place in Liberty Plaza in downtown Ann Arbor to further explain the excitement I have about the chance to be less stressed and more inspired by fall aesthetic.
Picture taken by Caroline Petersen on October 18th of an art instillation taking place in Liberty Plaza in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Caroline Petersen

Caroline is a contributing writer to the Sweetland Minor in Writing Blog. She is an architect in training and spends a lot of her time sipping on cappuccinos and discussing elements of malfunctioning building features. She is a city girl who spent her elementary summers in the middle of Iowa at her aunt and uncles farm. She is a woman of many (unusual) facets that are traditionally fairly useless.

2 thoughts to “A Four Day Lull”

  1. Ambitious indeed! More power to ya though. Most of my goals these days take more of the form of your “you should really do this now” and “maybe do this too, if you can” lists.
    Also, we really do need more arch schools in the world.

  2. Hi Caroline! I really enjoyed reading blog because even though I don’t know you, I feel like I got to know how ambitious you are. I also agree with the sentiment that life at U of M gets better every single day. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and if you’re happy even after hearing back from Wisconsin, then you obviously did something right.

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